Board of Directors


Michael Lancellot, President
Gerry Wolken, Executive Vice President
Bryan Simmering, Vice President
Russ Smith, Secretary
Austin Lydon, Treasurer
Bobby Nichols, Chairman Emeritus
Jack Rogers, Executive Vice President Emeritus
Earl Holland, In Memorium President & Founding Board Member


Matt Bevins
Tony Ciampaglio
Loli DiSanto
George Gulisano
Elliot Katzman
Holly McKenna
Craig Nichols
Kayla Peck
Barbara Skillman
Carol Welch


Dick Bean
Rhonda Blakely
Kevin Brogan
John Burns
Debbie Burnside
Tom Case
Nancy Clair
Jim Dwyer, Jr. In Memorium
Wendell Ehinger
Bill Fike In Memorium
Heidi Frederic
John Gentleman
Luther Grainger
Bill Horowitz
Andi Horowitz
Marc Lobdell
Mike Marco
Bob Martin
Suzanne Moss
Tuck Nason
Russ Ogan
Mike Sherman
Robb Smith
John Streep In Memorium
Bob Thorstenson
Tom Twehues
Katherine Van der Mey
Peter Van der Mey In Memorium
Harry Wilkinson In Memorium



Board consists of Fiddlesticks members. Board members serve without pay and each pays his/her own Piper dues and tournament fees. One Fiddlesticks Country Club staff member acts as the event coordinator. Bookkeeping services are provided by a paid part time independent contractor.