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Become A Donor
The Bobby Nichols Fiddlesticks Charity Foundation, founded in 2002, is a group of Fiddlesticks members, known as Pipers, who volunteer to organize and run an annual celebrity pro-am invitational golf tournament and charity tennis tournament.

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15391 Canongate Drive Ft. Myers, FL 33912

(941) 363-1215

Pipers of Fiddlesticks

Bobby Nichols Charity Pipers of Fiddlesticks Event

Pipers are the heart of the Bobby Nichols – Fiddlesticks Charity Foundation.  They are the original supporters who answered the call when Bobby Nichols and fellow golfers first made a commitment to the children of Southwest Florida to hold an annual fundraising pro-am golf tournament 22 years ago.

Traditionally residents of the Fiddlesticks Community, members contribute an annual membership fee, volunteer their time and talents, and advocate for a better future for the children and families stricken by abuse and neglect.

Each year, the Pipers gather on the eve of the Bobby Nichols – Fiddlesticks Golf Tournament at the Neighborhood FUN-raiser to celebrate sport, friendship, and community.  This event is reserved for Fiddlesticks residents as is the annual Piper meeting held in March where charity funds are distributed, the BNFCF Board reports on the year’s business, and Board elections are held.

Piper memberships are an annual fee, priced per household ($250) or individual ($150).  Subscribe to our newsletter for information on Foundation updates and Piper invitations.

Additionally many Pipers consider in kind donations and gifts of time & talent.  Families find the Nichols Cup weekend a great time to volunteer together.